Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care - The Morning After

I have some preliminary suggestions for igniting a movement to repeal the health care monstrosity as the first step in reigning in our out of control government to within its constitutional purview.

It seems appropriate that we should expropriate some of the tactics of our foes to wage a war to restore constitutional government. So here are some suggestions to get us started.

Some industries and even particular companies within industries were instrumental in both getting the ball rolling and in ultimately passing the legislation. They should be called out through boycotts and shareholder protests. Where they are manufacturers, we can picket retail to stores to remove their products from the shelves, even if this fails, it generates publicity that such corporations loathe. We should call out some of those same corporations to start spending money on adds against the health care bill. These ads don't even have to support any particular candidate, but a constant drum beat on this issue in November is necessary for electoral success.

Even though some of the "fixes" in the legislation that will be sent to the Senate would ameliorate the disgusting nature of this bill; we should press the Senate Republicans to defeat it, because it may not pass muster for "reconciliation." This will cause the House Democrats to feel betrayed and leaving them hanging.

We need to file suit over the mandate to purchase insurance and anything else we find to be egregiously unconstitutional. I guarantee that there is more lawless shenanigans embedded in this bill that has not yet been found and publicized.

Part of our plan to repeal could start with removing funding and taxes from spending bills as early as 2011. The President has no power, except that of veto to prevent the Congress from reducing spending. When Clinton used this against Gingrich in the 90s, threatening a government shutdown, the Speaker responded idiotically. Congress has the authority to slice their spending bills as narrowly as they desire, so the offending provisions that the President threatens veto over could be reduced to small areas where a shutdown wouldn't bother the public. We should start by making the IRS funding a target. Pass a funding bill for the IRS that specifically excludes funding for health care choice enforcement and dare Obama to veto it.

We have to get the Republicans to vow not a single bit of cooperation with the Dems on another piece of Obama backed legislation for the remainder of his single term. The next target will be immigration "reform" which will be to immigration what this bill was to health care. Adding the current illegals to the rolls of is the ostensible goal, to provide the Dems with big majorities. As an aside, I favor immigration reform myself, but I demand that there be no path to citizenship for those who have come here illegally, ever. I might see my way clear to letting them live here if I know they will never be allowed to vote.

That took me a half hour to dream up. I look forward to your suggestions.

Where do we establish a national clearing house for ideas like these? Looking for the SarahB, Leslie and Dawn to comment.


  1. Have Dean give you my phone number. Let's chat.

  2. Plan B suggests last night was fun. It wasn't.

    Shamelessly stolen from Michael Kelly after Sarah was kind enough to link this post on her FB page.

    Sarah, will do. Are you two "friends"?

  3. Be careful, soon your meeting will appear to be conspiracy.

  4. Dean, the lefty argument for the "need" for this form of "contraception" usually involved discussions of rape.