Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ron Paul in San Diego - UPDATE

W.C. Varones and Left Coast Rebel attended the Ron Paul event held yesterday at UCSD. W.C. has a great post on the event. Left Coast Rebel is promising one. From W.C. Varones' blog:

He hit on all the topics you'd expect - the war on drugs, the debt and deficit, central planning, the TSA, big government destroying the economy, the Dirty Fed, global imperialism, etc. And of course the solution to all of this: restore the Constitution,

Here is some video from the event.

The U-T managed to get out a decent report of the event as well. Focusing on the local angle where a UCSD student was left in a DEA holding cell for five days without food or water.
"We know about the case of Daniel, one of the students here, of being arrested and thrown in a prison and forgotten — for five days — ending up in an intensive-care unit," Paul said to loud boos. "And then it's done in the name of being a compassionate conservative. That's not compassion at all."

Even though I am supporting Romney for President, I am much more in tune with the proposed policies of Ron Paul. He is a great American who has been fighting for liberty for quite a long time.


As promised, Left Coast Rebel also has a report on Dr. Paul's visit.

  • Ron Paul is a rock star. He's pushing 80 and he's clearly a rock star.
  • Paul's speech was strictly off-the-cuff. He didn't read from a teleprompter nor did he even have notes that he worked from (that I could see). Instead, he started with an idea or topic and his speech flowed from there. His speaking style is a bit rough (jumping to different topics quickly, etc. but it's fascinating to see how authentic his oratory chops are -- very inspirational).
  • When was the last time ANY Republican motivated young people so? And that's the essence of who Ron Paul his. He animates and motivates the youth in a positive way, a positive message that echoes America's Founders; ideas that are timeless yet shockingly forgotten today. I got the feeling that many of the young people in attendance didn't know what to expect and, for the first time, heard the message of LIBERTY.
Read the whole post with many more pictures like this at Left Coast Rebel.


  1. Thanks for the link, wish you could have made it!

  2. Considering Romney can't win without Paul and Paul is the only candidate not corrupt and a war monger, I guess we can count on everyone's vote for Paul. Thanks for your support.