Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg is an Idiot

Drudge's headlines took me to an NYT article about Mayor Bloomberg banning soda's over 16 ounces. No ban on juice or lattes. Here are the facts:

16 oz Coca Cola - 187 calories - BANNED!
16 oz cup, Coca Cola with 50% ice - 95 calories - BANNED!
16 oz Orange Juice - 180 calories - Allowed
16 oz Latte (2% milk) - 190 calories - Allowed
Two 8 oz Coca Cola's - 187 calories - Allowed

Explain how this makes sense if the purported reason for this Nanny State intervention is to combat obesity. The lowest calorie drink in the line up is banned.


  1. at penn state, we had a similar policy when purchasing beer. one was only allowed to purchase 192 ounces at one time. this means if you were picking up several 12 packs (cases only sold at distributers which are closed on sundays), one had to purchase them one at a time, shuttle said 12 pack off the premises, go back in, and buy more.

    all it did was create lines and more work, and did nothing to address any of the alcohol related problems on campus (in fact, it made them worse come closing time).

  2. This is a wonderful idea! How better to show exactly why government should be the solution of last resort!

  3. I don't think Bloomberg's an idiot, I think he's a politician and a moral cripple. I think that Doing Something(tm) about obesity will play well with his constituents, just like his Doing Something(tm) about "gun violence" has played well with them, even though it actually hasn't made New Yorkers any safer. (And actually made New York MUCH more dangerous for minorities, putting them both at the abuses of unchecked criminals AND a corrupt, politically-insulated police department.)

    So I don't think Bloomberg's an idiot, I think he's a petty, self-serving bureaucrat.

    I, for one, am not terribly surprised.

  4. Whether he is an idiot or not may be still be open for debate...but if you are a 'where you draw the line' kinda person, this would be idiotic..the 'this, but not that' approach to 'governing' is a path that leads to serfdom. Eventually it will be 'this, and that too'.

    We weaken our position when we claim someone else's bureaucratic, arbitrary non-sensical impositions are dumb...rather than that they are tyrannical and antithetical to a free nation. It's not the choices he made in banning's that he feels he has the right.

    Not a Prager guy, but today he made a great point...better to live where fat people are free..than where skinny people are not.

  5. Re: M. Bloomberg: How is it possible for the citizens of NYC to elect this flaming moron over and over again? It is bad enough that NY State inflicts harm on the entire country by electing that despicable ultra left wing extreme piece of scum, Charlie Schumer! Citizens of NY, you are a bunch of idiots, infected with a disease caused liberalism! You need HELP!!!

  6. The sun causes cancer, fibers from fabrics can cause cancer(ie, cotton fibers, etc,.), cars kill ppl, ppl die from falling off ladders, etc, etc,.

    If we try to ban everything that's dangerous, there won't be anything left.

    If you want to live in a safe little plastic bubble, that's fine, they make them, just buy one, and get it over with, but, leave the rest of us out of it...