Monday, May 7, 2012

Diversity Bullies

CDR Salamander has a post each Thursday on the latest antics of the diversity bullies, mostly as it relates to their beachhead in the Naval service. His latest post is of the antics of Elizabeth Warren, candidate for Senate, who seems to have claimed 1/32nd Native American blood to advance her career at Harvard. Maybe she didn't, but she hasn't offered any evidence that her claim is true. I mostly avoid issues of race on this blog; they divert from my main points. But, the diversity bullies are part of a culture that hates liberty and achievement based on merit. Occasionally, they must be slapped down, and this case offers the chance. Why those who are the seeming beneficiaries race-based affirmative action would support those policies is a mystery to me. From the WSJ:
Ms. Warren has insisted that she was hired based on merit alone, and the controversy highlights one of the seldom-discussed side-effects of affirmative action policies, which is that they taint the achievements of intended beneficiaries. Liberal supporters of affirmative action like to pretend that there is no shame in being hired to meet a racial or ethnic quota and not for your job skills alone, or in being admitted to a college with SAT scores well below those of your white and Asian peers. But the reality is that nobody who has any pride wants to be that "diversity" hire in the office or that token minority on campus, especially if it allows others to dismiss your success as having resulted from a tilted playing field.
Lest you think that the U.S. military is immune from these shenanigans consider this, from the good Commander:
We have a Flag Officer who tells rooms full of officers that they need to claim any Diversity label they can in order to improve their careers - like he did.
Or this:
A new DoN Diversity Office will be established, with the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) serving as the DoN's diversity officer. The Diversity Office will leverage, coordinate and formalize ongoing efforts within the Navy and Marine Corps and will include the heads of the Navy Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Marine Corps Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management and the DoN Office of Civilian Diversity as team members.
Your tax dollars at work, ensuring balkanization of the U.S. military. If you need to get your blood pressure up for a heavy work out, read CDR Salamander's Thursday posts.

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  1. There was a great data point from Mussolini's Italy that described how Italian admirals and generals rotated from Italian acquisition commands into corporate jobs managing munitions firms and then back into the military, each time lining their pockets with larger and larger mounds of Lira. Sadly, I've lost the location of the story, but it seems to be at work here. Elizabeth Warren and her crew set up the diversity spoils system and then jumped in to reap its benefits and then jumped back out again and no one playing the game at any level even raised an eyebrow.