Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good News from Indiana

Readers of this blog probably already know that Richard Mourdock defeated Richard Lugar in today's Indiana Republican Senate primary. He is number four on my list of people to support to make a difference this election cycle.

One thing to remember is that this strategy of electing more conservative Republicans in conservative states can backfire if we have misjudged the appetite of the state. In the 2010 election cycle, Christine O'Donnell turned out to be a bad candidate, but I also believe that the Delaware was too liberal of a state for someone with her positions to win. Left Coast Rebel pointed out a theory originating from famed political analyst Nate Silver, that Republicans should look to elect more conservative politicians in more conservative states. In "redder" states, these Republicans should "pull their weight," by being more conservative. Silver put together the following graphic by way of explanation.

While Lugar shows up as particularly less conservative than Indiana politics might allow for, we need to support Mourdock in the general election to ensure to move the party in the right direction.

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