Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I hope you had a happy Memorial Day. I was attending to personal matters today, so I didn't think to put a post for the occasion, but Dean, W.C. Varones and DooDoo Economics have all done a great job, hopefully you saw their posts.

To those who prefer peace to war in every circumstance, I reply: you are signalling your surrender to the forces of tyranny and injustice in advance of any conflict. Evil is emboldened when it knows there is will be no resistance.


  1. Woops, not sure whether my post went through.

    Anyway, I saw DeMaio on Memorial Day (along with Romney, McCain, and Nick Popaditch). He looked positively mayoral. He seems to be smellin' success.

  2. arhooley, thanks for that update. Wow, that's quite a line up. I hope you are right about DeMaio; his election and Prop B could be a model for California.