Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Music Chill

We were at the old car show in La Mesa last night, followed by beer, cigars and football at Hoffer's. In short, the perfect guys night out. In honor of a great tradition in downtown La Mesa, I wanted to put up some music in the theme of last night's event, the last one this summer.

I was going to go with another Beach Boys classic "My 409" but this little gem caught my attention. Here is War with Lowrider. (It was tough to find a family friendly video on this topic.)

Max was behind the bar, handing out great recommendations, and Phil, the proprietor, hooked me up with a very nice little Alec Bradley "Family Blend." The Port Brewing "Panzer Imperial Pilsner" could hardly be called a pilsner at about 10% abv, but it was big and very flavorful.

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