Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lemonade Freedom Day Follow Up

This was the result of selling lemonade in our nation's capital (H/T Carpe Diem.)

This video speaks for itself. However, the female officer who kept shoving her hand into the video camera appears to be acting above the law. She's annoyed? Who cares; she has no right to commit a crime, in this case assault, under color of authority. I invite any reader who might be in law enforcement or knows someone in law enforcement to tell me if I am wrong.

I know that the police eventually had to make arrests under the letter of the law, but doesn't it show that the law is a crock?


  1. I am impressed that these people carried through and got arrested. The problem we have on the right is that "radical conservative" is an oxymoron.

  2. What kind of moron are you calling me?

  3. Dude, check out the cop at 1:45 telling the girl not to give them any money. WTF?

  4. Dean, I think there's no crime if they give away the lemonade, it's only a crime to sell. Makes total sense!

  5. Actually, let me play devil's advocate.

    We talk a lot about rule of law, right? As stupid as the law may be, the officers are simply enforcing the rule.

    Had they not, would we not be railing them for selective enforcement of the law?

    I'm down with the sentiment but to Charles point, there is an oxymoron to "radical conservative"... in the Burkean sense.

    To put a nice neat bow on all this... the overly-aggressive female cop: totally out of control, right? But she's hot so she get's a pass.