Saturday, August 20, 2011

Public Service Announcement - Lemonade Freedom Day

Today is Lemonade Freedom Day, (H/T Roger) the brainchild of Robert Fernandes. Even though this is one small effort to push back on the statist elite who would rule every minute aspect of our lives, it is an important effort worthy of our support. Movements like this are part of the overall rebellion of our citizenry against the continually encroaching tyranny of all levels of government. Even if you don't have kids participating, I encourage you to buy some lemonade today from your local stand.

  • Teaches kids the fundamentals of capitalism. They take raw inputs and make a product that they sell, hopefully, for a profit. Advanced instruction might include inventory control over things like the ice and lemons.
  • It is the perfect poke in the eye to the regulatory regime. IJ has learned the value of finding sympathetic victims of government's over reach.
  • It will encourage other grass roots efforts to respond to our government's over reach.
Maybe we should have national garage sales weekend next.

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