Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dumanis Disqualifies Herself

Bonnie Dumanis was interviewed by the U-T editorial board today. Ricky Young, @sdutYoung on Twitter, has a couple of key quotes.
Dumanis to U-T edit board, asked about Prop D, says she voted but ''My vote is personal''

Dumanis says she doesn't remember Prop 23, last fall's effort to undo AB32, so doesn't know how she might have voted.

Gustafson asks for Dumanis' ideas... She starts, ''First of all, there are no new ideas."
By contrast, Carl DeMaio's efforts were key to Proposition D's (1/2 cent sales tax increase) defeat. In fairness, Nathan Fletcher was also on record against the measure, but didn't seem to actively campaign against it. Filner is so in the tank for the unions that I will never endorse him.

My tea party endorsement is never going to go to anyone who won't oppose tax increases until we have done all we can to reduce the size and cost of government.


  1. DQ'ed indeed.

    Handicapping is always dangerous business but I see this as between DeMaio and Fletcher.

    DuManis does herself no favors by dodging and obfuscating and Filner is just an unlikeable, pro-union hack.

  2. Carl is also active in trying to remove that heinous radio ad, equating proposition signature gathering to ID theft. That alone earns him this edorsement from a tea party Democrat.

  3. Dean, Mutnodjmet, W.C. thanks all for the comments and enlightenment.