Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is All You Need to Know About Theocracy

Proof, as if more were needed, that Islamic theocracy is a spent force comes from today's WSJ. Apparently, a large outbreak of squirt gun fights are threatening the foundations of the so-called "Islamic Republic." The outbreaks have gotten the attention of the authorities, who are questioning toy shop owners about whether the "tools of Satan" were manufactured in America, ostensibly to corrupt the youth of Iran. Apparently the greatest problem is the embarassment caused by pictures of Islamic boys and girls (fully covered) cavorting with squirt guns, and laughing and having fun. But the bearded ones had other ideas (WSJ):
Among Iranian authorities, the fun and games triggered a different reaction. Police raided the park, engaging in a four-hour cat-and-mouse game with the youth, who turned their squirt guns on the cops and threw plastic bags full of water on the policemen's heads, according to participants and media reports.
. . .

Although the water wars and the government response have a comically absurd quality, the recent tension shows how fearful the regime is of its young.
. . .

Earlier this month, police arrested the administrators of the Facebook page for Shiraz Water Wars, and 17 young men and women who were playing in a water park in the southern coastal city of Bandar Abbas were detained, according to media reports. Authorities also paraded young people on television, forcing them to confess—a move typically reserved for political detainees.
I draw hope from the pictures of Iranian youth having fun. It shows the limits of indoctrination and the power of freedom. Maybe the mullahs are right to be afraid, but they should heed Leia's advice to Tarkin.

"Police will deal forcefully with park violators who are threatening the security and peace of our society," Tehran police chief Hussein Sajedina said.

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