Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Defeating Obama

This is my 1000th post on The Liberator Today; it is appropriate that I return to the theme of defeating Obama that informed my first attempt at blogging. As I have gotten older, I have taken a more relaxed view of the outcome of any particular election, including the most recent presidential edition in 2008. I noticed that things never seemed to turn out as bad as I feared when the other side one, and were never as good as I hoped when our side won. However, Obama's first term broke this rule, because he had extraordinary majorities in the House and Senate for his first two years in office. This resulted in doubling down on every failure from the Bush administration while foisting the most massive increase in federal reach in the history of the Republic in the form of the health care bill.

However, the health care bill hasn't fully kicked in, even though its ill effects and budget busting effects are already evident. A massive defeat for Obama in 2012 would provide the majorities to perform the biggest roll back of a federal program ever achieved. This will require strength at the top of the ticket. This is why I may be less interested in ideological purity than some others in the tea party movement. However, I also realize that electing a Republican who wouldn't sign a repeal, or who would continue the path of unsustainable deficit spending is no victory at all.

This is the dilemma for the tea party. The front runners Romney and Perry seem to have serious issues with issues of health care and crony capitalism respectively (and other issues as well, but time does not permit.) But those with better positions and records don't look strong enough today to challenge Obama, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson come to mind. Fortunately, its still early and I think the eventual Republican nominee is going to have to repent of something to win the nomination. We should be pressuring the candidates now to recant of their various heresies, and until they do, be supportive of those candidates that have shown seriousness of purpose in reducing federal spending.

The energy of the tea party movement will move the country in the opposite direction that Euro socialist protestors want to move Europe. This country still embraces capitalism to a greater degree than any other large nation, which will allow us to remain leaders of the world for some time to come. We need to continue the counter-revolution against the progressive movement that has been undermining the founders' vision of limited government for over 100 years.

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  1. Congratulations on #1000!

    I'm still a huge Rick Perry fan. Imperfection is the lot of humanity and he's one of us. I can overlook a lot to get someone who is in favor of making government as small as possible in our lives.