Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Update - The Battle Against our Union Overlords Has Been Joined

Wisconsin has become ground zero in the battle over outsized union pay scales for state and local government workers. The latest developments have been widely publicized, with Wisconsin State Senate Democrats fleeing to Illinois to avoid posting a quorum that would result in a vote on measures to strip government unions of collective bargaining rights, except over pay. Dean and Temple of Mut have some great coverage, which I will not repeat, so please take a look at their updates. But fleeing the state, when you get paid to do a job?

Meanwhile, in Ohio another front has opened up, where the state Senate is considering SB-5 which would:

- Eliminate collective bargaining for all state workers, including unionized faculty and staff at Ohio colleges and employees of higher education institutions.

- Eliminate salary schedules and step increases and replaces them with a merit pay system.

- Allows public employers to hire permanent replacement workers during a strike.

- Weaken binding arbitration for police and firefighters, who cannot strike.

- Limit a local union’s right to bargain for health insurance.

- Strip teachers of the right to pick their classes or schools.

- Extend the time a factfinding panel for making end-of-contract recommendations from 14 to 30 days.

- Require union employees to pay at least 20% of their healthcare costs.

It's time for the Tea Party to step up and support those lawmakers that are making these changes which will reduce the power of the public employee unions to dictate terms of pay and compensation.

The unions are out in full force opposing these changes, good to see our side out there as well.

In California, I believe we should go for a ballot initiative to make the same changes. Even if it lost, it would drain unions of needed resources to campaign for leftists in 2012.


  1. Thanks for the link, homes. I don't think there is any doubt as to what should be the main topic of discussion at Sunday's SLOB Beer Summit: the Quorom edition.

  2. Dean: Yes, Wisconsin is THE story -- despite media distractions. However, I still think the Beer Summit should have a "Straw Poll". :)

  3. PS. B-Daddy -- thanks so much for the link. It has been a busy week. Your review, here, is most excellent.

  4. How about more focus on the lack of action in North County to reduce union power and benefits? Why is Oceanside's council majority(three Central Committee members) talking about closing down the library instead of forcing two tier pensions on the 6 bargaining units now negotiating and taking back the raises all those employees got in the last two years? Those employees mostly are not even paying their full employee share of pension payments. We endorsed two of the council members in the last election so why aren't they living up to what they said they would do? Are they all just "Tony" clones?

  5. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the tip. If all you say is true, and it sounds credible, then I would wholeheartedly agree with you. Unfortunately, it is a little outside my expertise, which is central San Diego, but I will see if any fellow Tea Party bloggers know more about the situation you describe.