Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wisconsin Poll Results

The poll on whether or not Wisconsin governor Scott Walker should take the issue of removing some collective bargaining privileges as part of his package of budget reforms is closed. A majority of my readers voted to continue this fight, believing it to be central to the long term effort to get the state under control. I agree, but voted no, thinking that given the majority the Republicans hold, they have the ability to make this a separate vote and still win tactically. (The wording of the poll was poor, I promise to do better with my next poll.) I am going to start referring to collective bargaining for government employees as a privilege not a right, since Federal workers lack this right, it must not be a right in the same sense that freedom of speech is. The results:

57% (12 votes) No, Walker should stay the course.
23% ( 5 votes) Yes, tactical mistake, do it later.
09% (2 votes) Yes, it's wrong to take this away from unions.
09% (2 votes) Not sure.

This debate rages on and Scott Walker seems impervious to pressure, but the fleeing state senators are still hiding out and refusing to vote. I still don't understand why the Republicans don't remove this issue from the budget bill, pass it separately as a non-budget matter and get on with life.

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