Monday, February 7, 2011

Local GOP Turpitude

As much as I loathe the California Democratic party, I have not been impressed of late with its Republican opposition. Temple of Mut has the goods on the latest move by the county GOP, and quite the move it was. Tony Krvaric appears to be the quintessential self-serving ethically challenged businessman type that often gives the Republican party a bad reputation. Temple of Mut's article is filled with details about the unseemly conduct and ethical lapses by Krvaric in vacating GOP Headquarters at Griswold Corporate Center for an address identical to that of his personal business. She independently confirms a number of aspects of the story by CityBeat's John Lamb.

I also note that a rift with Krvaric drove Kim Tran out of the Republican Central Committee last September. While I didn't think that Kim should have resigned, I respect her contributions to the local community and was very sympathetic to her candidacy for the District 6 city council seat.

I call on Tony Krvaric to resign his position as chair of the San Diego Republican Party. While searching for a picture of Mr. Krvaric to grace this blog post, I found a web site dedicated to getting him to retire. Guess I'm not alone.

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  1. B-Daddy: I wanted to chime in on the "but it will reduce expenses" argument, which seems to be the hallmark of the defense of this action. I will argue that the actions outlined in the original Lamb article lead to just the opposite:

    * By bailing-out before completing the 6-year lease, the landlord interviewed in the Lamb piece (Antoine Georges) will be bringing the matter to court. Between the time, legal fees, and potential penalties, I believe that it will actual increase expenses. As an extra bonus, the landlord indicates he will sue for defamation, based on the seemingly false allegation that there was mold.

    * If expenses were a key concern of Team Krvaric, then why toss out good office supplies that could have been sold on Craigslist to help the GOP bottom line? Photographic evidence, and Georges' tab to haul away the extra waste confirm this is what happened. I sense that many of my Republican friends support this waste of donation money.

    * Kravaric tried to persuade Georges to DONATE the office space to the GOP. Then why isn't Krvaric donating the office space himself? Then the GOP's expense for rent would be reduced to ZERO.

    * APPEARANCE of IMPROPRIETY: Members of the Central Committee may be fine with the new headquarters arrangement; however, many Republicans I know (including my husband and B-daddy) do not think this new headquarters arrangement is kosher and it has the appearance of impropriety. As I have outlined above, saying it will "reduce expenses after the election," is not an adequate defense for the series of actions described in the Lamb article. Because of this appearance, there will be less donation money going to the GOP Party organization from Independents and conservative-minded citizens. This will obviously hurt the financial bottom line.

    PS. Republicans trying to console themselves with the piss-poor results in California on Nov. 2, 2010 by saying it was a grand success doom their party to further irrelevancy in this state. As an example, the fact that Boxer is still in the Senate and we have the state version of Cap&Trade dangling over our heads, are two key loses that not only impact us, but have national level consequences. And how can the GOP claim success when we have Moonbeam Brown as Governor again? That is laughable. Finally, much of the success conservative measures/candidates had was due to the intervention of the local Tea Party groups -- B-daddy's superb coverage of the Zapf campaign being one of the best examples.

    Instead of trying rewrite the story to put a positive spin on these sad results, GOP activists should be figuring out exactly what went wrong, and how to do better, for the next election cycles. The Lamb article provides several good clues on where to start -- and he has more material that will be published shortly. Stay tuned.

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  3. Mutnodjmet, thanks for pushing this issue with your intrepid investigations. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and the truth shall set you free.

    Maassive, thanks for the link to the slide show, but we've got to teach you how to embed your linky.