Monday, February 28, 2011

Just A Reminder - Freedom Coalition Foreign Policy

The Tea Party has been criticized for a lack of foreign policy. I don't care, a movement, unlike a political party or a candidate for national office, doesn't require a foreign policy plank. However, I remind my readers that my Freedom Coalition Agenda, which pre-dates the Tea Party has the following plank:
Support Freedom Abroad. Newly liberated peoples the world over have shown a propensity to embrace freedom and markets when the yoke of tyranny has been lifted. The policy of America should be to actively work against dictatorship in all its forms (Islamic, Socialist, Fascist and Communist). We should seek to advance the cause of freedom, not through force of arms, but through steady pressure. Every piece of foreign policy should be weighed against this end. Further, we are also ready to use force of arms in this cause when defense of our national interest requires it. Americans resonate with the concepts of helping to liberate peoples from tyranny, this is a winner. We especially decry the pathetic kow-towing to dictatorship in our own hemisphere in the shameful treatment of Honduras by the Obama administration.
Clearly, Obama has recently shown that even as they are falling, he isn't averse to kow-towing to dictators in the Middle East as well.

British correspondent Nile Gardiner echoes my sentiments with the headline, "Do Tyrants Fear America Anymore." The answer is a resounding no, because of the timidity of our commander in chief.
It has also become abundantly clear that the Obama team attaches little importance to human rights issues, and in contrast to the previous administration has not pursued a freedom agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere. It places far greater value upon engagement with hostile regimes, even if they are carrying out gross human rights abuses, in the mistaken belief that appeasement enhances security. This has been the case with Iran, Russia and North Korea for example. This administration has also been all too willing to sacrifice US leadership in deference to supranational institutions such as the United Nations, whose track record in standing up to dictatorships has been virtually non-existent.

The White House’s painful navel-gazing on Libya last week, with even the French adopting a far tougher stance, is cause for grave concern

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