Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kos and His Delusions

I have an account at DailyKos, which I haven't used in ages. I have been occasionally able to get them to rethink their support for some of Obama's positions. But lately they have just lost it, Markos himself posted the following cartoon, which isn't even funny. How childish can you get?

The Tea Partyers I know don't really care about gay marriage, less than half are active Christians, (even if I wish they all were), and I have never seen a hint of violence at a Tea Party rally. I know that I shouldn't have to say this, but occasionally we have to push back on this stupidity and hold it up for the ridicule it deserves.


  1. The more they push this crap, the deeper they dig they dig the hole. Every single time there is a push to label the Tea Party as radicals or Terrorists, membership spikes. So bring it...we could use some new blood.

  2. Sarah,
    With each new member, comes the education and resolve. Although most become involved because of fiscal responsibilty, we need to make it understood, we have no room for wack-jobs and nut-cases.

    But.. I have room for revolutionaries. We need to bring them into the fold with principal and understanding