Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Other Good News for San Diegans

In addition to the vote on Walmart, Lorie Zapf tweets that the City Council also voted to move forward on managed competition. Channel 10 News reports:
The San Diego City Council Tuesday approved a plan to bid out the functions of its Fleet Services Department, which maintains more than 4,000 city-owned vehicles, including police cars and fire truckss.
. . .
The city is also putting out its printing division for bid. The mayor said last month that street sweeping, road repair and some functions of the Public Utilities Department will come next.

As I have said, even if the city division wins the bid, they can only do so by instituting savings. Either way, the taxpayers win.

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  1. I signed a petition pro-walmart in Menifee. It must be for a drive in a different district.