Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quote of the Month

From W.C. Varones about the real nexus between Wall Street and Washington that corrupts our politics Democrat and Republican alike: (This was published last month, can't believe I missed this pearl of wisdom.)

The Wall Street - Washington cabal is far too deep and intertwined to be restrained by campaign finance rules, and they will always find a way to push the burden of higher tax rates onto the middle class while buying loopholes for themselves.
The only path to resolution is to simplify the tax code, plug all the loopholes and have a lower flatter rate. Further, the Fed has to have oversight, and stimulus and TARP cash has to be pulled out of the federal budget. This is the straight Tea Party line. What amazes me is that the left will rail against the fat cats, but be in favor of all of the mechanisms like stimulus, cap & trade, and TARP that funnel money to big business and Wall Street.

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