Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts on Obamacare

For Tea Partiers planning on attending town hall meetings with your local congressperson, here are some unanswerable questions you might want to ask.
1. With some estimates of Medicare fraud at $60 billion a year, why aren't we fixing that fraud before starting a new government run program.
2. How can the government manage the nation's health care when report after report from the Congress' own GAO shows mismanagement of Veteran's health care.
3. Ditto for health care on Indian reservations, also managed by the Feds.
4. Why is it so important to rush through a bill when polling shows that 80% of Americans are happy with their own Health Insurance coverage?

Notice how liberals always impugn the motives of those they disagree with, especially when they are losing the war for public opinion.

KT points out that all you conservatives and libertarian types are racists to oppose Obama's health care plan, according to the People's Economist, Paul Kurgman. WTF? I read it and I still don't believe it. Basically he is saying that we're all idiots who don't realize the fabulous job the government is already doing for us in the health care arena with medicare/medicaid, so the only logical explanation for our opposition is racism.

And what's a great left wing cause without a little thuggery thrown in. Reports of violence against those protesting Obamacare here, here and here. Note how the conservative protesters are always painted as rude or racist, but they are never violent, it is always the left that initiates violence.

Isn't violent suppression of free speech a hallmark of tyranny? And don' we recall a famous Democrat saying "Dissent is Patriotic"?

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  1. Thanks for the link! Go check out the Secular Apostate for a full photo essay on the scary, racist thugs who are disrupting the people's town hall dialog sessions.