Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please, Please, Please - Go On Strike

California's largest state employees union, the SIEU (Service Employees International Union Local 1000), voted to authorize job actions, up to and including a strike over the weekend. Are these people nuts? Although their contract is expired, their previous contract terms remain in effect, which includes a no-strike clause. Their claim is that the Governor's furloughs are somehow illegal, so they can strike. There are two problems with this line of reasoning; first, no court has made such a ruling. Second, what are they thinking? They are upset about days off with no pay, so their solution is... take more days off with no pay. Their President, pictured left, should be booted for lacking a sense of irony, if nothing else.

But I say, let them strike. That way, if the governor had a spine, he could cull the ranks of the useless. Then everyone in California could see how little or how much impact these employees have on the smooth functioning of our daily lives. I'm betting that the impact to me will be low, but let events be the proof of the pudding.

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  1. That God would be so good to us for a Reagan/air traffic controller moment to occur here.

    Link forthcoming.