Monday, August 3, 2009

Culture of Death - Obamacare May Cover Hemlock and Abortion

It has been widely reported that Obamacare would include abortion coverage, although that provision was removed in the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week. However, don't expect pro-abortion forces to give up without a fight.

Meanwhile Hotair tipped us off to a year old story from Oregon, where there is doctor assisted suicide as well as significant state government funding of health care. From the Fox News report.

Some terminally ill patients in Oregon who turned to their state for health care were denied treatment and offered doctor-assisted suicide instead, a proposal some experts have called a "chilling" corruption of medical ethics.

Since the spread of his prostate cancer, 53-year-old Randy Stroup of Dexter, Ore., has been in a fight for his life. Uninsured and unable to pay for expensive chemotherapy, he applied to Oregon's state-run health plan for help.

Lane Individual Practice Association (LIPA), which administers the Oregon Health Plan in Lane County, responded to Stroup's request with a letter saying the state would not cover Stroup's pricey treatment, but would pay for the cost of physician-assisted suicide.

To say that is chilling hardly gives the full effect. But not to worry, this is actually for the good of the patients, you just don't realize it. Dr. Sattenspiel (I swear I'm not making up that name) had this to say:

In issuing their latest Prioritized List of Health Services, state officials reported a new emphasis on preventive care and cost effectiveness. Dr. John Sattenspiel, LIPA's senior medical director, defended the measures.

"I have had patients who would consider knowing that this is part of that range of comfort care or palliative care services that are still available to them, they would be comforted by that," Sattenspiel said. "It really depends on the individual patient."
Thanks doc, I know I feel comforted already. Note the bottom line about which option is less costly in the video below.

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  1. B-Daddy, I cover some of the same ground later today in a post.

    I guarnatee you that the abortion-funding will find its way back into the bill. It's who they are. It's what they do. They cannot not have abortion funding in the health care bill.