Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calling All Brown Shirts

The White House is asking for your help. Apparently, citizens posting blog entries and YouTube videos of the President supporting single payer and the phasing out of private insurance are all part of a vast right wing conspiracy to spread disinformation and lies about our benevolent leader's plans for health care. What can you do to help? Report the miscreants to flag@whitehouse.gov. Since this was Dean's idea, you should report BwD as well, after all he's ratting me out. (H/T to LiberallyConservative for the awe inspiring portrait of The Leader.)

Below is a sample of the kind of disinformation that is a treasonous threat to the plans of Our Leader.

H/T WeaselZippers

Maybe a little freedom of information act request would be in order later to see who ratted out whom?


  1. The new brown shirt is your own computer. I suggest you watch this video. If you agree to go on the gov web site, your are authorizing some pretty scary stuff.

    Watch this Glen Beck bit:


  2. I'm still in favor of spamming the address with porn.

    And thanks for the link... I think.

  3. If you haven't seen Paul Krugman's column today, I just thought I'd let you know that you're a racist. And he's got a Nobel Prize, so he knows about these things.

  4. KT,
    As I have commented elsewhere, Krugman is a joke without an original thought in his head. I love the way the People's Cube savages him with very biting satire.