Sunday, August 30, 2009

Proud of my Country

Some of my readers have commented to me in private that the country is a bunch of mindless sheep being led to the slaughter by Obama's leftist minions. I would like to repeat publicly what I say privately. This is a great country, it always rebounds from its mistakes and goes on to do even greater things. The election of Obama is no different. Initially after the inauguration most of his agenda, while odious, was not permanently harmful. But then came the health care issue (or health finance issue, if you prefer). I posted earlier that this was the one initiative that we should make an all out effort to stop, because of its potential damage. I am proud that so many citizens felt the same way; that common sense over the vast intrusion against our liberty aroused huge portions of the population into action. This fight certainly isn't over, but that it is a fight affirms my faith in our Republic.


  1. As previously commented, "We need the pendulum to swing hard"

    We have been offering up leaders like Dole, McCain, Bush, whose spending and social programs are left of JFK, slowly cooking us into social dependency.

    We need Obama to show us the true nature of government without restraint.

  2. 'Dawg,
    Thanks for mentioning JFK, who features prominently in my next post.