Saturday, August 22, 2009

How's That Whole Post Office Comparison Working Out?

In a recent defense of the "public option" the President opined as how it was the Post Office, not FedEx and UPS that always had problems. The President makes our argument perfectly; average consumers are forced to use the post office for first class mail, FedEx and UPS are required to charge minimum fees for regular mail delivery. Further, the "public option" for mail, the U.S. Post Office, continues to lose money and regularly gets government bail outs.

Further, a major goal of the President's approach to health care is cost containment. Here's a graphic from the WSJ on how cost containment is working for the "public option" in mail delivery.

Maybe the President should sue Columbia and Harvard for failing to educate him in economics. Maybe he just didn't pay attention. Maybe he just didn't care.

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