Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Wonder Their Ratings Have Tanked

I was watching Sean Hannity cover health care tonight and I thought, "I wonder what the lefties are saying about health care?" It was also prompted by the fact that I have never been a Hannity fan, more so since Colmes left. So, I flipped it over to MSNBC, but to my unbelieving eyes, I watched Rachel Maddow spend 15 minutes of her hour program on John Ensign. Raise your hands if you know who John Ensign is. Not all at once. Ok, you in the back, Tingles, I didn't know you followed my column.

Ensign is the junior senator from Nevada who had an affair with a female staffer and went to Podunk Chamber of Commerce today to say he was really, really sorry. (Link here for political guide on handling these things.) Amazingly this was followed by a lengthy analysis of what Ensign said and the manner in which he took questions. Then they dredged up every quote he had given during the Clinton impeachment hearings. Then they analyzed why Ensign should resign because he had called on Clinton to resign and then they spent more time refuting his response that he shouldn't resign because he hadn't done anything illegal. Yawn. Don't get me wrong, Ensign is a turd, but I have a news flash for MSNBC, it's no longer 1998. But, when you're a professional hater, I guess you just have to keep score.

Do you think they might have more interesting and/or relevant things to talk about? Heck, I would have settled for a little Whole Foods boycott talk.

This kind of programming leads to this.

Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for August 18, 2009

P2+ Total Day
FNC – 1,394,000 viewers [FNC=Fox News]
CNN – 471,000 viewers
MSNBC –401,000 viewers
CNBC – 173,000 viewers
HLN – 267,000 viewers


9 PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Hannity –2,972,000 viewers (746,000) (1,296,000)
Larry King Live—886,000 viewers (236,000) (349,000)
Rachel Maddow Show—1,063,000 viewers (393,000) (585,000)
Big Brother, Big Business– 175,000 viewers (78,000) (83,000)
Issues- 436,000 viewers (111,000) (183,000)


  1. That dude pictured was even on the talkies Sunday talking about how everyone was getting their ass kicked by Fox

    About 2 weeks ago, I experienced a similar phenomena with the 2 networks. Fox was covering the townhalls and for a meaningless and merely anecdoatal comparison exercise I flipped to MSNBC where Keith Olbermann was on a rant about... Joe the Plumber?

    Perhaps neither meaningless nor merely anecdotal

  2. What the heck is Britanny Spears up to?