Friday, May 27, 2011

Rick Perry to Enter the Republican Mix? My Tea Party Perspective

As most of my readers have already read on HotAir and elsewhere, then Rick Perry is considering entering the Presidential race. What would his entry mean from a Tea Party perspective? My first thought is great, more candidates piling in would mean that there is a sense of Obama's vulnerability. As to Perry himself, Erin McPike and Scott Conroy at RealClearPolitics claim that Rick Perry has always been a Tea Party type, even before there was a Tea Party, but is it true?

With regard to taxes, Perry seems to have made the right enemies in Texas, Jason Embry in the Austin Statesman writes:
The economic downturn isn't helping the shortfall, but it's not driving it, either. The driving factor is a decision by Gov. Rick Perry and the Legislature in 2006 to reduce property taxes by $14 billion every two years and raise only about $9 billion to replace that money. In other words, the Legislature committed $5 billion every two years to holding down property taxes instead of spending that money on education, public safety or other priorities.
More Tea Party love is showered on the governor by the Dallas Morning News. .
The options are few when it comes to finding $25 billion in the state's budget. Texas already ranks 50th nationally in per-capita state spending, so big cuts will have to come from essential services.
But at the same time, Texas has been an economic powerhouse compared to California and the rest of the nation. According to the Business Journals,

The inventory of private-sector jobs in Texas increased by 732,800 between April 2001 and the same month this year, according to an On Numbers analysis of new federal employment data.

No other state registered an increase of more than 100,000 private-sector jobs during the decade. Only 19 states and the District of Columbia posted any gains at all.

The creation of jobs while state spending to the lowest per person in the nation is the perfect antidote to Obama. OK, I'm starting to think, what's not to like? Maybe this?

In my view, his loose talk of secession is damaging to his potential candidacy. First, this is a settled issue, so it just makes him look like a kook. Second, historically, secession was the chosen instrument used to perpetuate the institution of slavery and the term is tainted with the poison of racism. I firmly believe that the meaning of this nation was reforged in the crucible of the Civil War. We affirmed that the intent of the Founders was to extend the blessings of liberty to all citizens, including those who were then slaves. I am not accusing Governor Perry of racism, but to reopen this debate in any form is a repudiation of a tenet to central to our nation's meaning. If you listen to Rick Perry's other speeches you will hear a man who consistently is standing up against the overreach of the federal government as it encroaches on our liberty. I applaud him for that. He must carefully choose the means he proposes to fight back.

It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
The Tea Party are dedicated to preserving freedoms that are being crushed under an omnipresent federal government. It is our fervent desire to restore that government to its rightful sphere. It has often been a guarantor of freedom in this country and throughout the world. Talk of secession has no place in our movement. I call on Governor Perry to retract his words, so that he can enter the race for President, because his record is exceptional.


  1. Ron Paul is noticeably absent from your dialogue while your posts on Rick Perry bleeds your extreme ignorance. I now believe that you may be a wolf in Sheeps clothes. Maybe that is because you are government bureaucrat who's life is sustained via the hands that steal our money at the end of a barrel of a gun. Anyone who follows your complete non sense is a fellow destroyer of all that is good. Why should anyone listen to a man who needs to be with a criminal gang to sustain his own life because he cannot use is own mind and efforts to blaze his own trail to success. Bcrats seem to always think they know better than their fellow man when they don't even know how to live there own life and provide for their own without joining a violent gang of criminal thugs who destroy all liberty. You are the reason Ron Paul needs to be elected. Hopefully he would fire whole swaths of bcrats including you so that you will finally be required to learn what it is like to have to actually support yourself through your own efforts. For you bdaddy and others out there who are also bcrats We the People are going to fire you because you are tyrants who have destroyed the liberty of the free man. We who support ourselves do not want to sustain your life with our efforts we would rather see you starve than pay you to destroy our freedom. For we the entrepreneurs of the world need not take from others and need not instructions from another man because we observe what the world needs and fill that void and all is voluntary, Living a life of voluntary contracts is the difference between a man of liberty who respects another and the tyrant who need to steal and extort from others to sustain his/her life. Ye are the tyrant and your good intentions combined with extreme ignorance is the destroyer of all that is good. Damn you bcrats you are thiefs that have stolen our liberty and our future!

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. A few thoughts.

    I voted for Ron Paul for President in 1988, so I have been familiar with him for some time. I donated money to any number of Libertarian candidates over the years, so don't think I am strictly an establishment Republican.
    With respect to my occupation, I take seriously the wise use of the tax payers dollars. Would you rather have all government employees to be leftists that think there is no limit on their ability to spend the taxpayers money? Furthermore, the work I perform is part of the enumerated powers of the Congress to fund.

    If you are truly an entrepreneur, then I respect the hard work and risk you must take. However, just as you must win over customers for your business in the marketplace of commerce, you need to win over customers for your thoughts in the marketplace of ideas.

  3. If the rule of law is followed then I don't need win over anything. We conquered tyranny in order to establish laws over government laws over man are inherent and Common based on individual accusations and circumstance. Unfortunately the bureaucrats seek power over the individual and use extortion to compel through incorrectly applied statutory regulation. Under our form of law proper I just need to work hard and prosper but that requires awareness of common principles amongst the many for each individual to pursue and obtain happiness unobstructed.

    If you believe your position is authorized you need to just look at the tender you are paid by the "congress" to see that your position is NOT lawful. You are paid in Federal Reserve Notes which are not only NOT enumerated in the Constitution but inherently unlawful due to the intent of the founders to stop the money changers from gaining control of our country. The use of Federal Reserve Notes is forced by the Government and especially the Military. The US military may be authorized but reality shows them to be the most murderous destructive and tyrannical force on the planet and are actively working under the command of the offshore banks under the 1974 opec agreements and IMF agreements. Is this lawful??

    The US founders warned us of the bankers and now no one even knows of or speaks of this. If you were paying attention to reality you would know that the same group of Government wonks who did Iran Contra Affair also planned and carried out 911 in order to divide and conquer the American People and bring in a totalitarian state that would attack those few countries left not in the IMF and force their participation. Their end goal is to consolidate all human identification into their databases so that they can control the whole world by controlling every single individual's identification. That way they can make you a criminal or terrorist whenever they want because the brainwashed bcrats will simply obey the computer screen that tells them who you are. Can't you see this??? The bankers and Iran Contra criminals did 911 in order to brainwash you, make you think the enemy is somewhere else instead of in its most obvious place; at the end of the trail of money. It is time for a US declaration of War against the bankers. If the Military is with the American people then let us have one voice of death to the bankers; IMF/World Bank, WTO,Bank of International Settlements, Bank of England, IRS, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commision, Bilderberg Group, Committee of 300 and all those who provide aid and comfort to them should be annihilated and a new more peacefule world created from their ashes. This is where the debate should begin not end! but that does even seem to be on your radar. Maybe because you are working to protect the bankers and those who did 911??

  4. I wish I knew Perry better, but people I like like him, so time to do some homework. If secession talk is his biggest flaw, I'll take him.

    Yo, Anonymous. Paul's unelectable on the national scene. Period. Puritanical fervor is a turn-off from the environmentalists, Christian right, and even hard-core Paul devotes. If Paul was smart about being a LEADER he'd care about his appeal to the average American. But he doesn't, he's a bull in a china shop and wants what he wants, how he wants it and doesn't care how bad he smells while he's doing it. American's are independent at their core and they don't like anyone shoving dogma down their throats, regardless of how correct the principles may be. People like to choose their ideals and Paul doesn't want to be bothered to be appealing.

  5. Dear Lord, please deliver us from Ron Paul's followers.

  6. Not a single response to the fact we are NOW in a state of intstitutional unlawful monetary system. You people are slaves to your own ignorance. Either repeal Article 1 section 10 and make a lawful tender or get the hell out of our way. You people wouldn't know leadership if it kicked you in the face. Al Queda and Bin Laden are banker/intelligence/media creations that is a direct result of Zignew Brezinski's and CIA efforts in the late 70's with the formation of the Mujhadeen and now you people swallow the bait hookline and sinker and those who know these facts are caught in the cross hairs of the patriot act and under threat of assassination by our 'government'. If you don't think is going to come to head you are wrong! We will deal with the tyrants one way or another and those of you who provide aid and comfort to them YOU will feel the heat of Justice delivered! We are not going to let our freedom devolve into body scanners and government checkpoints everywhere. If you support this phony fight against phantom creations and support the destruction of our freedom based on your brainwashing then I suggest you get out the way. You are the one who makes up the ship of fools captaining through your 'leadership' values us straight to hell. You are so brainwashed that you cannot even accept the possibility that 911 was an inside job intended to deceive you into accepting a totalitarian state. 911 was america's riechstag fire and if you wake up too late we are not going to have mercy on you for destroying our freedom with your complete brainwashed following! Got that. We are sick of your drug war telling us what we can put into our own bodies and destroying our families and culture over this, we are sick of being forced into a devaluing unlawful currency system by bankers who fund both sides of all war, we are sick of being groped at airports, we are sick of being told we need obey statutes that have no consent of the governed to enforce, the list goes on and on and we are going to defeat the enemies who destroy our freedom and we are not going to wait for you to wake up. Each man and woman is responsible for his/her actions and each individual will be dealt with accordingly. It is time for the gloves to come off!

    SarahB how can you say that Americans don't like to have dogma shoved down their throat when the only people shoving things down people throats are bureaucrats shoving tax bills down our throats to pay for our liberty to be destroyed by people who cannot support themselves through voluntary interactions. You people really believe your own bullcrap.. The only terrorism I have ever experienced in my life is from government bureaucrats. If you want to see it I can take you there because I know where their commit terror every year everywhere like clockwork...

    Bdaddy I simply don't believe you respect entrepreneurial success because you work for those who take away our success. You need to make yourself good inside and use the psychological defense mechanism to retain your ego so that you can look yourself in the mirror each day.