Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No to Tax Increases in California

I closed my poll on whether or not Republicans should allow a vote on putting tax increases on the ballot over a month ago. Here are the results:
Yes - 2 votes.
No, not without pension reform - 7 votes.
No, use leverage to prevent tax increases - 2 votes.

Sorry that the screen capture is so small, click to enlarge.

Last month's action by Jerry Brown to allow prison guards to cash in all of their unused vacation days has put an additional $600 million whole in the California budget. From George Will:
Henceforth, guards can cash out at retirement an unlimited number of unused vacation days. Most California employees can monetize only 80 accrued days. Many guards will receive lump sums exceeding $100,000. The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates that guards possess time worth $600 million. The union contributed almost $2 million to Brown’s 2010 campaign.
So the consensus that Brown wouldn't do squat to reign in unions was correct.

Here's the official Tea Party position, "Vote no tax increases in this state."

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