Thursday, May 26, 2011

Palin Running? Tea Party Torn

You would think so by the Drudge headline: IT'S ON: PALIN HITS TRAIL. But I am still not sure. I'll say this for Sarah Palin, she has learned how to manage her brand. Starting her bus tour by attending a motorcycle rally that serves as a reminder of our POW/MIAs and a patriotic rally is sure to play well to her base and generate enthusiasm for her brand. And I admit I like it a lot. But it doesn't answer the question of whether or not she is running, for reals, as it were. I am balways torn by her, she is so unapologetic for my so many of my core values that I can't help but smile when she zings the media, the left and Obama. But she doesn't inspire my confidence, in the same way that Obama didn't inspire confidence in the 2008 elections.

As much as our side disliked John McCain, I respected him for this, he could wade into a hostile town hall meeting, take tough questions, and provide answers without losing his cool. Neither Obama nor Palin seem able to do so. Obama still can't after two years on the job, and I frankly don't think he is very intelligent.

Meanwhile, Palin is certain to suck down the oxygen in the race for a while with the tour. Too bad. She needs to declare soon, so that we can get down to the nitty-gritty of examining positions, responses to current events and her record. Not finishing her term in Alaska is going to come back to haunt her if she runs. Further, she missed the opportunity to show what she could do as governor, in spite of opposition from her own party or the Democrats. After all, how will it be different as President?

Within the Tea Party movement, there will be no unanimity on Palin's candidacy. Even among the SLOBs here in San Diego, we are seeing wide diversity of opinion. But she sure makes the race more interesting.

Here is the official video for the Rolling Thunder rally.


  1. I can smell the Goldwater and McGovern fumes, no matter how awful Johnson and Nixon were-note that they won

  2. I really hope she's screwing with the media. They need to be screwed with, and while they're chasing after her, they're not eviscerating our guys.

    Heck, they might even say some wonderful nice things about our guys because they think she's running, when she's just promoting good stuff and making money.

  3. Calivancouver, perhaps, but I think that Obama is much more vulnerable than those two were at the time of their re-elections, as I have previously discussed. Obama's ignorance of economics has led his team to prop up the housing market, which has prolonged the recession and slowed the recovery. Further, with QEII ending the housing market is about to tank again, with a ripple effect likely to carry into the middle of 2012.
    Foxfier, not a true believer in a Palin candidacy? I am starting to think that she should run and let the voters sort it all out. If Perry drops the secession bit and runs, this field looks stronger.

  4. I want her to wait until her kids are a bit older, on an emotional front-- and on a practical front, I want her drawing fire away from the folks they haven't managed to tar as of yet, make them look silly, and thus damage their ability to destroy people.

    Get someone else in, and give her a post where she can shine (thus giving us her skills, padding her resume and driving the haters insane) and I'll giggle like a little girl.