Sunday, May 8, 2011

Republican Debate - A Little Late

I listened to portions of a rerun of last week's debate in Greenville, SC on Fox. I have to give Fox credit for asking tough questions. I listened with an ear to Tea Party issues. I had issues with every candidate, but I especially took exception with the way Pawlenty often did not really answer questions. There is much to like about him as a potential candidate, but I didn't believe he acquitted himself well.

As usual, Ron Paul makes the most sense, but I took exception to his calling Guantanamo a "secret military prison." I agree that we need to get on with trials, because it hurts our national interest to keep detainees locked up indefinitely. He still comes across as a crank.

Herman Cain was very charismatic, but his call for energy independence doesn't resonate with me. It is rhetoric from the Carter era. He talked in generalities on Mideast policy issues. I like his support for eliminating both the payroll and income taxes. It would be good for the party if he picks up support.

Governor Gary Johnson talked about immigration sensibly and said we need to make sure that it is easier to get a work visa. I like that he recognizes the root cause of the problem to be economic. But he fails to recognize the need to secure the border, which is the necessary condition for other reforms. Why can't we discuss that it is more humane for the country to get the border secured.

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  1. There was no one to love. We are still adrift in a see of McCain quality candidates.