Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations to President Obama

In all the hubbub, I forgot to thank and praise the President for making the right call, not just to take out bin Laden, but to do so in a way that left no doubt, no U.S. casualties and no collateral damage. Further, he learned the lesson from Clinton's mistake, of not notifying Pakistan of the operation. For all this, he deserves credit. Well done.


  1. There was a sense of "hands on" to be respected by using light infantry rather than drone that will be respected by our enemy. I was proud of our President, now in the driver's seat and seeing things from a different perspective.

    A campaign is coming up; do we have a candidate with the gumption to point out the passenger/ driver's seat reality? Hey, there's a gorilla in the room, usually Dean and Bdaddy note it first, but really..... We don't need to be PC on this.
    We can even have fun with the "Chicago way" The dude is good at wackin' "folks" How does that sit with the liberal mindset...hhhmmm?

  2. Let me be perfectly clear; If you have no respect for due process and proper justice you are equal to Bin Laden.

    You are tyrannical psychopathic barbarians! Hopefully all those who cheer murder will meet the same fate you wish upon others. Then the world will be cleansed of your wickedness and hypocracy.

  3. Anon, rule of law is separate and distinct for enemy combatants. In what world do you live?

  4. BTW doesn't your desire for my fate also make you a hypocritical psychopathic barbarian also? There is no cheer for murder, but for defeat of our enemy.

  5. The enemy is inside the gates but you are not studious in history enough to decipher exactly who the enemy is.

    Repost so that you cann see my point:

    This is terrible news for America. This is a complete disaster. Wehave now lost all credibility that we are a Nation of Laws and of Due Process. This is absolutely terrible. We murdered someone instead of bringing them to trial. Americans are doomed. Our creator is going to apply the golden rule here, as always, and America will sink further into the abyss of Hell.

    Why doesn't anyone in this country want real justice? A trial, facts, evidence, innocent untilproven guilty. We could have regained some credibility here but now we have failed to live up to our own principles. I am absolutely disgusted to be an American. My family helped found and settle Jamestown, was also among those who established the House of Burgesses and the Virginia colony and I must say I am now ashamed to live in a place that endorses and cheers for Murder.

    This is absolutely horrific to see Americans happy about this. There are serious questions about what happened on 9-11. Everyone got their information from television stations that lie to you. How are you sure about Bin Laden being the Culprit? Where is the evidence?

    When one thoroughly investigates 9-11all investigative roads lead to Wirt Walker III, Barry McDaniel, Marvin Bush, Stratasec Security Company and the Carlyse Group. What about the Power down in the WTC for 36 hours the weekend before 9-11 and the 200 Engineers in Blue suits all throughout the building during that time??? What about the peer reviewed physical analysis performed on the steel remains of the WTC with Thermite presence positively and independently confirmed? What about the fact that Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker III security company had security contracts for WTC, United Airlines, AND Dulles Airport? What about the fact that all the planes were fly by wire Boeing Aircraft that already have Anti-Terrorism avionics boxes designed, tested, and operationally capable since the 1990's that allows planes cockpits to be disabled and flight controlled remotely??? Americans are living in a fantasy land created by television and no one seems to realize this fact. There is literally thousands of leads on the 9-11 investigation but the FBI will not investigate them. Arlen Specter even amended a Justice Department appropriations bill that has now made it illegal for the Justice Department to even investigate 9-11. Americans have just jumped of the cliff into the abyss idiocy. Bdaddy maybe you change your title to unofficial Chief Idiologist. Seems a better fit for you and you will probably get to become president and enforce some more extortion and torture on the population. Hell maybe you can even become Emporer Idiot and reopen a stadium for lions eating Christians. This seems appropriate for this 'New American Century'.

  6. Hey Anon, first of all, get an alias and don't be such a pussy. Next, you never addressed my point about your hypocrisy of the desire of my fate, but most of all, you are an idiot. I realize the Zombie Apocalypse is at hand, so gather your water and spam. How much time did you spend putting together so much nonsense?