Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Auto Follies - UPDATE

Dean reports today on the curious machinations of the Obama administration, keeping Chrysler on life support with shady loans to pay of . . . shady loans. (A friend with contacts in the industry told me that it is widely understood in the auto industry that Chrysler will inevitably fold, Daimler stripped it of its engineering talent during its brief sojourn as Daimler-Chrysler.)

Meanwhile, given the heavy tax subsidies involved in purchasing a Chevy Volt, (I have yet to see one on the road) GM dealerships are taking possession of the vehicles themselves, then selling them as "used" to say, Kia dealerships and pocketing the $7500 tax credit. I'm thinking this is all part of the plan? Meanwhile, sales of the popular all electric, or mostly electric, vehicle were a whopping 281 sales in February 2011, nationally. No wonder dealerships are pocketing the quick tax credit revenue rather than sitting on these dogs.

Is there anything in federal government more foul than the tax code? It enriches the insiders and impoverishes the rest of us suckers.


Dean points out in the comments that the vehicle pictured top left is not the Chevy Volt. True, but is GM gaming Google search? When I search on Google images for "Chevy Volt" many pictures of this silver Camaro pop up. However, I should have known better, a car that good looking couldn't have been the Volt. Those Camaro's are fine looking aren't they? Here is an actual Volt, from the GM web site, not quite so stylish.

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  1. B-Daddy, thanks for the link but I'm calling B.S. as you chose for your photo image for this heretofore hit piece on Chevy and Chrysler, the 8-cylinder carbon monster that is the 2010 Chevy Camaro... about one of the most stunning pieces of Detroit steel I have seen in my life. Unless, of course, that was part of your devious plan...