Friday, January 28, 2011

Walmart San Diego Update

In a sign that the repeal of the big box supercenter economic analysis stupidity is inevitable, Walmart announced plans to build a dozen stores in San Diego, strongly hinting that they will build in under-served District 4, represented by Council President Tony Young. This is great news for the city, bringing jobs and better shopping to our town.

While repeal of the law doesn't guarantee that Walmart will start building, if it stayed on the books, it would guarantee that we wouldn't be getting any new Walmarts. The city planning process could still gum up the works, but this is great news.

As the left liked to say in 2008, elections have consequences. I don't think we would be having this discussion if Lorie Zapf hadn't beat Howard Wayne in swing district 6, here in San Diego. Also, it's nice to see that Tony Young is seeing how the interests of unions diverge from the interests of his relatively poorer constituents. Maybe this is another trend that work in the Tea Party movement's favor. Big government policies have always hurt the poor, because they generally lack the resources to have the same impact as the rich and middle class. Getting them on board for some issues can only strengthen our coalition.

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