Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tea Party Democrat Resolutions

Temple of Mut has honored my request to post on the subject of New Year's Resolutions for Democrats, even at great personal cost to her psyche. In addition to highlighting a rational perspective for Democrats, she provides insight on the battle to rescue the Democratic party from the far left extremism represented by Nancy Pelosi.
This battle is important; as Dean has pointed out, it has mostly been Democrats fighting to free our schools from a union tyranny of mediocrity. As long as the the Democratic party is working for union bosses, not working people, such battles will be a steep uphill struggle.

Please take a moment to read Temple of Mut's post.


  1. LOL! Thanks for the support and the mention. I feel a lot better after a great, spirit-cleansing Mass! I look forward to agitating with you and BwD in 2011!

  2. After a spirit-reviving Mass, I added these items, which I thought you and your readers might enjoy:


    * As appropriate, use grace to bring people together to affect positive change on personal and political levels. For example, our group of bloggers holds periodic “Beer Summits“, in which differences of view are treated with respect. Additionally, I hope I can work to change the hearts of some of my fellow Catholics so that their version of “social justice” no longer includes “redistribution of wealth“. To quote a fabulous book I am reading, “The Bad Catholics Guide to Seven Deadly Sins“: “Left-leaning bishops who wish to make the point that Creation was given to man in common; they leave out the fact that labor is our own and that taxes enforced by the threat of imprisonment can mount up to a kind of slavery.”

    (Mut Note: You can thank Catholics, in part, for the 2010 electoral successes –as I reminded Horemheb yesterday).

    * Rapidly assisting the employment of many good Americans by agitating for the return of water to California’s Central Valley.


    * Enhanced mocking of Catholics, Jews, Mormons, evangelical Christians whenever the doctrines of these institutions don’t correspond to the extreme left’s version of Utopia; expanded pandering to specific faith constituencies, only as necessary.

    * Cater completely to the environmental tyrants and “green energy robber barons“, to further increase the elite Democrat power-base; silence the scientifically-correct opposition by any means necessary — economic consequences be damned.

  3. Mutnodjmet, thanks for the extra laughs and insight.