Friday, January 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

Nancy Pelosi blames Democrat Congressional election losses on George Bush.

Road Dawg asked me to comment on the firing of the C.O. of the Enterprise, Captain Owen Honors. At first, I didn't pay much attention to the issue, figuring that he had made a major screw up and the Navy wasn't going to leave someone in command under those circumstances. However, after reading up on the issue, now I am not so sure. He was XO four years ago when those videos were made. Many officers who are now admirals were aware of the videos, including his then Commanding Officer. Not a peep from any of them, shameful. CDRSalamander comments more extensively.

The Tea Party has repeatedly pointed out that if spending goes up, taxes are eventually going up. Illinois, on the brink of default, proves the case. Democrat legislators and the governor are working up a great plan:
The Democratic leaders in the Illinois General Assembly believe this income tax increase, a corporate tax hike, and a $1-per-pack tax increase on cigarettes would erase the state’s $15 billion budget deficit.
Good luck with that. Income tax increases never generate the revenue predicted, nor cigarette taxes for that matter.

Still no response from Lorie Zapf on the City Hall issue. No mention of the issue during Zapf's interview with LaDona Harvey on KOGO today. (I checked the podcast.)

And in the "Why didn't I think of that?" department, this quote on Obama administration efforts to court business:
Mr. Obama has compelling reasons to repair relations with corporate America. Unemployment remains stubbornly high. There's little likelihood of significant new stimulus spending from Congress or big new moves by the Federal Reserve to pump money into the economy.

That means the key to economic growth—and Mr. Obama's re-election prospects—could lie in corporate treasuries. U.S. non-financial businesses are sitting on nearly $2 trillion in cash and liquid assets, the most since World War II, and Mr. Obama wants them to use it to create more U.S. jobs.

And why are they sitting on their cash, you magna cum laudes in the Administration? Because your policies have harmed the business climate in America and created huge uncertainty. The worst offender being Obamacare, which no one can figure out, and to quote Dean has this fabulousness granting Sebelius Viceroy like powers over health care in the obamacare bill:

700: the number of references to the secretary "shall".

200: the number of references to the secretary "may".

139: the number of references to the secretary "determines".

After he leaves the White House, Barack Obama should sue Columbia and Harvard for failing to provide adequate education in economics and management, hopefully early in 2013.

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  1. Thanks for the insight. What a shame! Whose decision was this?