Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No Answer From Lorie Zapf

I gave Lorie Zapf a week to get back to me on the new City Hall issue. So far, no response. Here is what I said in my email:

I voted for you and endorsed your candidacy on my blog. Please address the rumors published in the U-T that you might support building a new city hall without a vote of the people. We met on October 6, before the election when you were walking the neighborhood; I know you met many voters, but you made an impression.
The article is linked here:

I also left a message with her office, with a live person, no less. Still no response.

Donna Frye's staff got back to me on a streets complaint in two days. Ms. Zapf is going to have to step up her game.


  1. Her office also only has 3 people on staff at the moment... And since your post was on Jan 3, I'm assuming you send your request sometime after December 20th. Most people are out of the office around then enjoying the holidays. Be patient & give her more than a month to get up and running.

  2. Anon, this city hall issue is a litmus test and she appears to be getting wobbly after being strongly against it during the campaign.

    She needs to address this ASAP.