Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cap and Trade Fraud

Capitol Commentary (H/T Harrison) has a must read about the "theft" of carbon credits in the EU. That we would consider implementing a similar system that has been rife with fraud is beyond me. Oh wait, that's a feature, not a bug, got it. Handing out "credits" to your buddies who can then sell them on open or black markets, that's a great feature. From Capitol Commentary:

How much would you pay for something which doesn’t really exist but yet has enormous value? That’s the question many in Europe are asking themselves as it was revealed that over €30 million Carbon Credits were “stolen” by hackers and quickly moved into other peoples’ accounts. . . . Carbon Credit trading is huge in the crazy parts of the world where Liberals think naturally occuring gasses destroy the planet. In Europe, this Carbon Credit trading rang up €90 billion in 2009! These credits are bought and sold throughout the European Union among 10,000+ different businesses. The money is so good, Al Gore became a part of a Carbon Credits trading company back in 2008.
Maybe that's all we need to know about the whole scheme. As I have said before, if the left were serious about reducing CO2, they would have gone for a carbon tax, with a revenue neutral income tax offset. But since this is really about political payback and a way to extort campaign cash and actual cash, cap and trade it is.


  1. Ya think? AGW is the hoax and carbon credits is one of the scams. For years there have been some screaming, "the emperor has no clothes"

  2. carbon credits are the new indulgences. just sign a piece of paper and you are absolved from your eco-sins.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. CO2 doesn't really cause much of anything so I don't know why anybody would want to tax it except to steal money for social programs.

  4. What a delicious scam they have conjured up. I don't know why they don't tax cattle for passing gas...