Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions for Republicans - Correction

Dean and I are both Republicans, even if many Tea Party supporters are not. The Republican Party has been the recipient of Tea Party energy and votes, even if not always wanted by party leadership. I will admit that it even cost the Senate seat in Delaware. However, the Tea Party primary challenges put real fear into Republican leadership. The early pay off was the defeat of Omnibus and its earmarks. So in the spirit of helping the Republicans get re-elected by doing the work of the people, I propose the following New Year's Resolutions for the Republican Party members of Congress.
  • We will focus on reducing spending as our number one priority. (With the temporary extension of Bush tax cuts, tax policy can temporarily take a back seat.)
  • We will start the spending reduction by de-funding Obamacare.
  • We will swear off earmarks.
  • We will hold hearings on the failure to enforce the border.
  • We will investigate Obama regulatory overreach.
  • We will not introduce a flag burning amendment, school prayer bill, or a challenge to DADT, etc.
That should be a good start, there are certainly many more worthy resolutions and I invite your comment. But I like to keep these lists short, because rule #2 in B-Daddy's Book of Management is that the resource in shortest supply is always management attention. The corollary being that management should focus only on the most important things.

I leave it to the Temple to collaborate with Dawn for resolutions for the Democratic party. Maybe W.C. or Shane could take a stab at Libertarian party resolutions.

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Dawn will not be commenting from the Democrat perspective, because she is in fact, a Republican, as pointed out by Mutnodjmet in the comments. My apologies for the error.


  1. If the Republican Party does all that, who needs a Libertarian Party?

    I think the Tea Party has taken a lot of LP issues and run with them much more effectively than the LP ever did. To me, the LP is now just a vehicle for protest votes when the Reps and Dems nominate statists.

    Yeah, eventually I'd like to legalize heroin and abolish most cabinet departments, but we've got enough on our hands trying to roll back what Obama has done.

  2. W.C.
    Agree with all, thanks for the succinct analysis.

  3. B-Daddy: Dawn is a Republican! Actually, has solid insight into the inner machination of the state GOP. And, as a "classic liberal" Jefferson-Jackson Blue Dog, I am going to have to mull this over -- as it is going to be a trip to Opposite World. I will try and have something tomorrow, just for you. :)

  4. Here is your request:

    I have to go have a cup of TEA now -- my head hurts.