Friday, November 19, 2010

So Far, So Good

The New York Times is reporting/pillorying Republicans for obstructing Democrat legislative initiatives in the lame duck session.

In the House, Republicans united to defeat an initial attempt to extend unemployment pay for the long-term unemployed. In the Senate, Republicans used procedural tactics to force the Democrats to consume much of the week inching ahead on an otherwise popular measure to improve the food safety system. The Republican leaders of the Senate and House canceled a tentatively scheduled postelection meeting at the White House with Mr. Obama, a move Democrats viewed as a slight.
Characterizing S510 as popular is like calling high tariffs on sugar cane popular, no one is opposed because so few are aware of the issue.

Good for the Republicans for pushing any major changes into the new year. Exit question, should the Republicans let the Bush tax cuts expire if they can't get a decent compromise with Democrats? The pro is that they will be in a better negotiating position after the new year, the con is that the withholding tax for many Americans will go up until they pass a bill.

Along with the Senate GOP resolution to end earmarks, this is a good start.


  1. The food safety thing is not benign.

    Opponents claim it would destroy local food co-ops and family farms.

    See Health Freedom USA.

  2. W.C.
    I agree with you. Glad to see Republicans holding it up. We'll see if they can kill it. It's the kind of legislation that looks worse the longer you look at it, kind of like Obamacare.