Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Proof That This City Council Can't Be Trusted

One of the successful arguments against Proposition D was that we couldn't trust this city council and mayor to deliver on their promises to reform city government. The day after Prop D went down to defeat, Todd Gloria introduced legislation to ban Walmart Supercenters in San Diego. And the Democrats on the City Council mimic the underhanded methods used by their fellow partisans in Congress in passing Obamacare. From the U-T (the whole editorial is worth a read):

But if it is so benign, why did Gloria and his City Council allies put the measure on a fast track with few if any precedents? Why did they ignore complaints from members of the Planning Commission that the rushed process didn’t allow for a proper vetting of the proposal? And why did Council President Ben Hueso already schedule a vote early next month to override Mayor Jerry Sanders’ expected veto of the ordinance just before Hueso and another council Democrat, Donna Frye, depart office?
So what's the damage from Walmart Supercenters? The real answer is that they threaten the one area where private sector unions still hold sway, grocery stores. The alleged reason is that they destroy small businesses. And how do they do that? By offering lower prices than their competitors. So let me get this straight, when the federal government negotiates lower prices on drugs for medicare patients, buying from the low cost provider, that's good. When you want lower prices on groceries and go to WalMart, that's bad? Why? Because you are a selfish racist, but the federal government is only filled with noble purpose, dedicated to helping others. Get it? This is the narrative the left always uses. If the government is helping people, its all good. But people helping themselves? Clearly evil.

If this passes, who is up for a proposition to overturn this law?