Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Best Campaign?

Over at DailyKos, brooklynbadboy is crowing over the way that Harry Reid won the Senate race over Sharon Angle.

The best campaign this cycle, as many pundits are noting, was run by Senator Harry Reid. He was always confident of victory. He never once backed away from anything he did. He stood his ground and stuck with his president. Most importantly, he turned to his base the old-fashioned way and used political tactics straight out of the old-school Democratic Boss playbook. . . . Reid's frontal assault on GOP racism isn't textbook DLC "be like a Republican" stuff or even textbook Obama "let's all get along" stuff. It is old school, hardball, walkin-around money, ward boss "whose side are you on?" kill-the-enemy Democratic politics. I love it. God help me, I love it.

That's the way they want to play, we have to energize the American people and give them candidates who don't give the opposition any openings, I'm thinking Marco Rubio here. Hope and change from the Dems? That's so 2008, we're about raw power politics now, baby.


  1. Best Campaign? wha?? they're kidding I hope

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  3. Outstanding! In that spirit, I'd like to nominate Douglas Haig's Somme Offensive for the Best Campaign of 1916! After all, Doug survivied when so many others didn't!