Sunday, November 7, 2010

Darrell Issa

One of the things I am happy about from this November's results is Darrell Issa's impending chairmanship of the House Government Oversight Committee. Listen to him on MSNBC, and note the almost palpable fear they have over what his next move will be.

I think that making Fannie, Freddie and Countrywide targets has a nice bipartisan ring that also looks into some of the causes of the current economic recession. I also like some of the other areas of emphasis like how the whole "jobs created or saved" are scored. He is also calling for giving Agency Inspector Generals subpoena authority (note how many times in the linked articles the IGs are finding executive agency wrongdoing.) He mentioned food safety a couple times, but that is one issue where I don't know where he is going. I also really like investigating nonsensical government regulations that are preventing businesses from hiring.

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