Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well Done - Midway Drive Tea Party Protest

A quick note from today's Tea Party at the San Diego Main Post Office on Midway. First, we got some MSM love from the local fish wrap. I know that we can't count on them, but our persistence and the focus of our message is paying off, we are being taken seriously. I came a little late, W.C. had said he would cover the earlier part of the festivities and he was good to his word. Dean, Leslie, Sarah and Dawn were all there as well as the proprietor of Doo Doo Economics, who runs a great place to get your Tea Party protest gear.

I was concerned about the impostors, and apparently W.C. found one, and he was identified and called out; I personally missed him. Overall the signs were great, focusing on taxes, spending, and the constitution. Turnout looked to be a couple hundred to my untrained eye. The police stayed in the background. There was no birtherism, trutherism or racism to be found. WELL DONE!

Finally, the enthusiasm of people dropping off their taxes was overwhelming. People were honking and waving and giving us a thumbs up.

Unfortunately there was this grim reminder that we've got a lot of work to do.

Mighty waynok will have some video as school work permits.


  1. Thank you for the great coverage! Included in our update to the email & FB list.

  2. Oldest boy JMR attended the Menifee Tea party with the reformed Liberal, NT GO GO. Although I requested photos, I received none, but both were blown away at our new Mayor's speech. JMR is very stricken with the movement. A little hope? Both were dedicated liberals at two ends of the generational pool.

  3. Sarah, thanks for the links.

    Hope indeed. And some real change.