Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Poll - VAT

I have put a poll about the Value Added Tax, since this will be on Obama's agenda in the future. B-Daddy's very short take on the idea of a new tax. Hell No. Now what if we threw in the same bill, the total elimination of the income tax? Now you're talking. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen, but I want to hear from the readers anyway. The other drawback of the VAT is that it is even less visible than the income tax and payroll tax, at least I can look at my pay stub and see what those are costing me. The VAT is so well hidden it really allows government to grow, but only when the private sector grows. Since it is simple, it will distort the economy far less than the income tax. Regardless, please take our poll. I'd like to hear from the Coffee Party on this issue, especially in the comment.


  1. I voted for Right Away. Gotta pay for what you get. If you do, you may not want so much of it.

  2. No VAT, NO WAY! How much more of Obama's lying can we take? He accuses the Tea Party of lying when he knows the only way to make up for the cost of Obamacare is to increase taxes on those who pay taxes: i.e. the middle class! Our president is a charlatan, a rookie, an amateur, and a socialist who is in way over his head.

  3. KT, Understand your point, but my key concern with a VAT is that you don't see what you are paying for, the tax is very invisible, so it doesn't reduce the demand for government service because no one notices the taxes, they are co-mingled with the price of goods.

    Paul, you need to stop sugar coating your comments and just say what you think. How do you propose to reduce the debt and deficit? Are spending cuts alone going to get us there?