Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Music Chill

I flew into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airport Monday for some work on a "cloud computing" conference, don't ask. Schedule and work prevented me from seeing much of the city, but the conditions didn't look too bad where I went. The roads were atrocious; but can I say better of San Diego?
I did manage to get a fried catfish Po' Boy at the Sugar Shack in the French Quarter for dinner, my one bit of local flavor. It was excellent. I also overheard some conversation at the hotel that led me to believe that the city is still riding high over the Saints Super Bowl victory. So to honor the city and the Saints here is Louis Armstrong with an all time favorite.


  1. I miss my favorite Catfish with hushpuppies and turnip (or collard) greens. All the catfish out here tastes like mud.

    Glad to hear you tasting the flavor again! You were getting skinny

  2. Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?