Saturday, April 24, 2010

Now Dems Invoke PayGo - To Raise Middle Class Taxes

The President has been bragging that he has cut taxes for the middle class and that the Tea Party should thank him. Simultaneously, much of the vitriol directed at the Tea Party has taken the form of accusing us of being ignorant, liars or both over the issue of tax increases. To recap, if you are new to this space, our position is that the the massive deficits, Obamacare and stimulus will eventually result in middle class tax hikes, because there is nowhere else to get the money.
Right on cue, we get this headline from the AP (H/T HotAir) discussing how 30 million taxpayers will face tax increases (sounds like a middle class tax hike to me):

Millions face tax increases under Dems budget plan

The alternative is tax increases elsewhere in the revenue code averaging up to $100 billion a year after 2011 to continue alternative minimum tax relief and also curb taxes on people inheriting large estates.

The Democratic plan released Wednesday by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad of North Dakota relies on such boosts in revenues to carve the deficit from $1.4 trillion last year down to $545 billion by 2015.

From the HotAir article:
Democrats want to spend even more money, and do it on the backs of middle-class taxpayers. They waive Pay-Go for spending and invoke it for taxes. That’s exactly the kind of hypocrisy that has fueled Tea Party determination to kick Democrats out of power in the midterms.
Let's face facts lefties, stop the lies about the Tea Party. You know taxes are going to increase for the middle class, if not income taxes then through a Value Added Tax (VAT). (I could support a VAT, IF all income taxes were eliminated, but that isn't going to happen, maybe I should start a poll.) If you haven't been paying attention, the administration has been sending out signals that the outcome of a the deficit commission will be a new national tax like the Euro's VAT. The commissions actual name is the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, but they should call it the Sneaky Commission Raising Excises Without Everyone Discerning it if they want truth in advertising.

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