Friday, April 2, 2010

As If We Needed More Proof

... that lefty MSM is out of touch and suffering from PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome). Here is Hank Stuever at the WaPo mocking some items that most Americans would take pride in:

I dunno, but hush: The mother of the dead Marine is talking about the day a naval destroyer was named after her son. The millionaire is about to give away millions to send underprivileged minority kids to college for free. The loyal service dog is going to help the sweet little boy walk again. A woman is about the save a man from a burning tanker truck. Toby Keith is singing about patriotic veterans. Flags are billowing. A piano is playing.
What is it about Palin that so offends the left? I admit to being a big fan, but not believing I would contribute to a future Presidential run by her. I mostly like watching her unhinge the left.

Supposedly she is subversive, and I guess she is.

Part of the liberal hatred (or fear) of Palin lies in her ability to draw passionate crowds that are impassioned by the wrong kind of politics. Although American elites are not inherently suspicious of crowds, they are, quite naturally, fearful of those that are ungovernable. And since Palin’s crowds—many of whom are adherents of the Tea Party movement—do not respond to the slogans and shibboleths of the liberal elite, the latter views them as alien (ergo, ungovernable).

She is also the only politician to lay a glove on Obama during the campaign. But I don't think the subversive explanation quite covers the whole story. Maybe there is a little misogyny and racism on the left as well. Ever notice how the worst vitriol is reserved for women and blacks. Think of not only Palin, but Michelle Bachmann and Michelle Malkin. And blacks who are conservative are made to suffer mightily as well, I think of Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele when he ran for Lt Gov in Maryland. It is an affront to the self-proclaimed champions of women and minorities when they say no thanks, you don't really represent my interests.

The other thing is that she is self confidently sure of herself and her beliefs. She pays not the slightest obeisance the ruling intellectual orthodoxy, and does not even acknowledge its authority in any way. That she has been so successful after not attending the right schools, nor living the right lifestyle set the left on edge.

Finally, the fact that she seems so happy with her traditional life style with a large family, hunky husband, and that she is good looking to boot, just crushes the lefties. She is the woman who is "having it all" in a way that modern feminists can only dream of, and for that she is reviled.

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  1. I just wish I 1) had that jacket and 2) looked that good in it....