Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Greek Update and a California Question

And no, I don't mean a frat party at UCSD. KT has been keeping up with the Greek debt situation and alerted us to the fact that the interest on Greek two year debt has shot up to 26%, "...26% is what you would pay on your credit cards if you missed a payment." My question is to what extent is California going to go the way of Greece? California can't print its own money, just as Greece can't print euros. California apparently lacks the political will to tackle its structural deficit, a la Greece. California will inevitably ask the feds for a bailout, much as the Greeks have done with the EU. And the promise of a bailout may come too little, too late to help. Bottom line, I wouldn't be holding California debt if I could help it, and that includes waiting on an income tax refund check, like I'm doing right now. There's a name for chumps like me that paid too much in taxes to the state and are now waiting for that check, Unsecured Creditors. Last in line for you, pal.

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  1. Thanks for the links! I htink people still don't believe California will (be allowed to) default.