Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The President's Disgusting Rhetoric

The more this President gets into campaign mode, the more disgusting his rhetoric becomes. I saw him on the TV the other night, accusing the Republicans of wanting a society where no one who is poor or lower middle class gets health care, where we unemployment insurance is abolished and seniors go without medicine. He acts as if the only solutions to those problems are unending government programs underwritten with blank checks signed by the taxpayers. His comments on the Trayvon Martin case seemed designed to ignite racial tension rather than call for the rule of law, which his position would require. I still remember his "typical white person" comments from the 2008 campaign and wonder if he is permanently afflicted with prejudice. Dean and W.C. fisk his comments about the duties of the Supreme Court here and here and here. Suffice to say that he seeks to overturn centuries of precedent and ignore his own of oath of office.

Peggy Noonan noticed some of the same things, even before Obama's SCOTUS comments. She points out his slimy handling of the contraception issue, where he "deviously" plotted a change in policy that in no way satisfied the complaints of those who had criticized the contraception decision. Further evidence of his duplicity comes from the open mic moment with Medvedev, where he whines about pesky elections limiting his bargaining power.

The President seems to hold the public in contempt, at least that portion of the public that doesn't support him. He is President of all the people, but he seems to forget that. Hopefully, we can help him find employment more suitable to his temperament this November.


  1. Great wrap-up.

    I can do all the fisking and snarking I can muster but it doesn't replace the disappointment I feel in my President saying such irresponsible and obviously partisan statements.


  2. I am sorry for everyone who looked down their noses at the "birthers" as they challenged Barack's natural born status. That is a constitutional requirement to ensure that Americans are led by cultural, ideological and socialogical Americans. Obama is not an American by any cultural standard and is unfit for the office. He neither understands nor respects Americans or our values.

    You may as well have voted for Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez.

  3. I cant help but believe there is some conspiracy among journalists. They cant all be this dumb or shed their integrity by ignoring this or providing any challenge.

  4. our elected representatives are stewards of the country.

    obama thinks he is a king.