Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Donating Dollars for tea party success

I have donated to or will be donating to the following candidates, in order of priority.
  1. Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin. Facing recall, to prove that we can reform public finances and trim the power of the unions. This is the second most important election this year.
  2. Carl DeMaio, for Mayor of San Diego. To similarly reform local government with pension reform and reap benefits for taxpayers through "managed competition" and electing a taxpayers champion who fought an unneeded tax increase.
  3. Dan Liljenquist, for the Republican nomination for Senator from Utah. A real reformer who has reigned in medicaid spending and reformed state pensions. He is seeking to oust Orrin Hatch, who is too liberal to be Utah's Republican Senator.
  4. Richard Mourdock, for the Republican nomination for Senator from Indiana. He fought to uphold the rule of law as Indiana state treasurer by suing the Obama administration over the illegal handling of the Chrysler bankruptcy. He is seeking to oust Dick Lugar, who is too liberal to be Indiana's Republican Senator.

See Left Coast Rebel for a discussion of being too liberal for a state.

Who am I missing?


Steve Malanga has more on why Scott Walker deserves our support.


  1. Often I get upset as I read the blogs...seems like so much preaching to the choir. We seem to want our message to be heard, yet it stays in the confines of the conservative blogosphere.

    We spend so much energy reading and commenting on the blogs, but what does this really accomplish?

    Let's take the blog to new levels. I have previously sent links to friends. (not conservative) I find it peculiar when long-time democrats share their conservative opinions, but just don't want to "leave the team". I have converted my sister in law, but it took the last primary and "Hilary bias" to have her look through a different perspective, so I can't take full credit.

    "your team sucks, and they don't care about you" is a message noone wants to hear, even if it's the truth. We have an uphill battle, and funding is just part of the fight. The other part of the fight is to speak with common ground those "old-school democrat team players" whereby the party has abandoned them.

    I have noted where Bdaddy has reached out. This is as important as funding. We also need to pass this along to our children being bombarded with negativity regarding conservative principles.

    "I got mine, Wayne, you get the rest of them." from Mitch McDeere shouldn't be my mantra so I need to continue the fight.

    Thanks to Beers, Liberator and all the Slobs for keeping up the fight.

  2. As shane said, mia love